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above is a screen shot of an RSS feed i got from CNN, using netvibes. it reports on the suicide bomb today in tel aviv. if anyone hasn't noticed yet: the capital of israel is Jerusalem, and not Tel Aviv.

sorry about the small size, yahoo did it.

הפוסט הזה פורסם בקטגוריה general,‏ עם התגים .‏ קישור ישיר לפוסט.

3 תגובות על Tel Aviv capital of Israel?

  1. מאת Kurt Peers‏:

    CNN does not have much of a reputation for accuracy rather more for sensation.

  2. מאת merl‏:

    been confused with the capital of israel..was thought its tel_aviv not a jeruzalem..been in your country many times and i can say not a huge but very impressing people ang discipline country

  3. מאת צחי‏:

    discipline? israel? wow, that's a new one 🙂 we often think of ourselves as one of the most un-organized countries in the world, second only to italy 🙂

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