Ben Goodger on Mozilla's history

ben goodger , a key developer of Firefox , wrote an outragous post about the history of firefox and mozilla, since the old netscape 4 codebase was thrown out and the Next Generation Layout engine started development. here's my comment on it, for the record:

so, netscape is dead long enough for you to bash all over it?

FYI, when i first opened NS6 and saw the Modern them, the first thing i said was "WWWWOOOWWWW, that's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!" and i haven't changed my opinion since. the "classic" them is plain ugly IMO. because it was the default theme, and many people didn't notice it can be replaced, people thought it was NS4. one local reviewer wrote that "it remideds the happy old days of netscape".

today i use the Suite (and will use SeaMonkey once i finish the l10n work on it). i often find features missing in firefox, and the bookmarks manager is just annoying.

you talk about the lack of vision and direction. who was at the head of then? wasn't that the very same mitchel baker that stands there today? where was she? what did she do? it appears like she was one of the people responsible for all this. today she is your boss, isn't she? do you think she is a bad manager?

i didn't see anything in your writing against a browser+email client application as a concept. what made you support the browser-only firefox then?

and finally, what were your mistakes? were there any? or are you the genious that knows everything and never wrong?

you are a hipocrate, mr. goodger.

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