Israel? where's that?

Google Analitics added an option to set the timezone for each profile, so you can see the stats relative to your time. problem is, you can't set it to israel's time zone. israel is simply not in the list. so i wrote them this message:

when i logged in to my account today, i was excited to see i can set my time zone. i clicked the link in the message, and searched for my country, Israel, in the list. Alas, i could not find it. is it possible you don't know about Israel? we are responsible to half the international news, you must have heard about us. hey, you even have an office here, and its CEO got the title of the Most Influential Person in the Israeli Internet recently, even though he hasn't done anything yet.

Israel is a small country in the middle east, with a time zone of GMT+2. please add it to the list.

i hope it will help.

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