Firefox 2.0 is out

yesterday and the night before were crazy. i must have answered 10 support requests by email yesterday! it took me about 4 exhausting hours. i also had to update our web site about the new firefox 2.0 (and the fact that it's not available in hebrew yet) and answer some posts on our forum.

last week IE7 was also released. from the user interface perspective, they are pretty close. i can definitely feel their breath on our neck. it will be interesting to see if the no-menu-bar concept will catch on, because it definitely saved them some screen real estate. on the other hand, having buttons and the tabs in the same line doesn't leave enough room for the tabs, so although they are good looking, they  are too crupmed together.

i won't list all the differences between the two browsers, others have done that already. i will only say that generally, they have two or three nice things we don't, like page zoom and the print scaling (which i didn't try yet), but for all the rest, we either already have it, or do it better in some way.

i liked how they allow you to install any search engine you want, and don't put MSN as a default. on the other hand, they only have a limited list of engines, compared to what mozilla has (almost anything with a search capability, really).

i read on MSDN that the CSS support was improved. that's great, as compatibility between different browsers will grow. but it's not complete yet, and they are still lagging behind.

one last thing that bothers me with IE7 is that you can uninstall it. since windows can't live without  IE, this means IE6 is not replaced, but rather moved aside, taking up disk space somewere, space i could use for my own needs.

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