warp drive update

some time ago i wrote about a real warp drive in the planning. at the time New Scientist only released the first paragraph or so from the article to non-subscribers. now, about a year later, the entire article is available for free, and it's even more amazing. if the theory proves right, this engine can take us to mars and back in 5 hours, and a star 11 light years away in 80 days. that is because, it is thought, the engine will create a field in which light is much faster, so you could reach much higher speeds without going faster than light.

the main problem with it is that it introduced new concepts in physics, that need Nobel prize class scientists to figure out. i wish Boeing or some other company of this size, or maybe the US government, will put in the money to investigate the theory and see if something real can be made out of it. if you know anyone in the aerospace industry, please forward this article to him, so they'll know about it.

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