scifi channel's EUReKA webisodes

the scifi channel created short episodes for two of it's tv-shows, Battlestar Galactica and EUReKA (the latter was aired here in israel, the former reached its 3rd season, but only the 1st is aired here now), available on it's web site. for some reason, they are only available to US viewers. but have no fear, for they can both be found on file sharing networks, and the EUReKA webisodes can also be found on youtube:
unfortunatly, only 7 of the 8 webisodes can be found on either youtube or ED2K network. if anyone has the 8th one (titled "part 7", because the first was "prologue"), please let me know.

i don't understand why these webisodes are limited to US viewers in the first place. if they worry about their bandwidth, they can upload it to youtube themselves, like CBS did with their shows.

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