mozip.NET 2.0 released

i haven't written about mozip.NET, my pet software project, in quite a while, even when i had what to write about. mozip.NET is a small program i wrote to help with the localization of SeaMonkey, the community continuation of Mozilla Suite. mozip.NET allows localizers build a localized installer of SeaMonkey for windows, without compiling the whole thing.

Version 2.0 is based on version 2.0 of the .NET Framework, and utilizes some of it's new controls. this makes it look very nice, with 3D toolbar and an Office 2003 style menus. in addition, it gives you an opportunity to give a file you extract from the installer a new name, if a file by the same name already exists at the target folder. it also remembers your last extract folder between sessions, and the last window size (this last feature actually gave me some trouble, and was eventually introduced in a minor update, i numbered 2.0.1). other than that, there are the features already present in previous versions, of adding files, testing the integrity, and deleting files.

If you find this interesting, you can download it here.

I would have attached an image here, but for some reason Yahoo! insists on jpeg images. I guess you'll have to download it to see it then…

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