Hacking my dishwasher

about 4 weeks ago i eventually left my parents' home, and moved to a new place. a bit oldy place, that needs some fixing.
anyway, it has a small washing machine that was leaking from it's water intake pipe, and a dishwasher that was leaking from somewhere inside it. it's one of these small washers you put on the kitchen work surface, but apparently it was too heavy, because the top side of the surface was sinking. so before i threw the dishwasher out, i thought it might still be useful for something. i took it's water intake pipe, and used it to replace the leaking pipe of the washing machine. i had to cut a little around the connector to make it fit the machine, but otherwise it worked perfectly.
so now i have a better washing machine, and more space in the kitchen. so i do the dishes by hand every 3 days. not too bad.

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