Don't vote Obama!

I ask the 3 readers of this blog that have a voting right for the American Democratic party primaries, Don't vote Obama! now, what do I, an Israeli dude who isn't even American, care about who wins in the Democrats primaries?

First, and most important for me, is that Obama expressed his view that the Orion program to bring America back to the moon should be delayed by five years (right at the last paragraph there). The world won't wait for America. The Europeans will go there, the Chinese will go there, and America will be left behind. Being a leader in space isn't just a matter of prestege. It is a matter of technological leadership, which means economical leadership, which means military leadership, which means the US is free to do almost anything it wants in the international arena. If America will fall behind in the space race, it will have direct effect on it's ability to protect its interests right here on Earth.

Secondly, Obama said time and again that he wants to withdraw the American forces from Iraq, unconditionally, and as soon as possible. That will leave chaos in Iraq, and as a result, the oil prices will go even higher, and Iraq will be a breeding house for terrorist groups, that will again threaten the US interests in the region. Such a plan is bad for America.

I don't mind much who you vote, or even if you vote for the Republicans, but just don't vote for Obama.

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  1. מאת Tomer Cohen‏:

    יהיו לך יותר קוראים ביום שתעזוב את הפלטפורמה הזו לטובת משהו נורמלי יותר.

    אני יכול לתרום לך קצת מקום איחסון.

  2. מאת Royi Avital‏:

    You have one more…

  3. פינגבק: עלות מול תועלת « הבלוג שלי

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