The Big Bang Theory

Recently I started watching a new TV show from CBS named The Big Bang Theory. It's a sitcom about two geeks who live next to an amazingly (all right, not that amazing, but still) pretty girl, and how they and their two geek friends interact with her. The episodes are relatively short – about 20 minutes each, but i find it very funny. Geeks like me will enjoy it the most, i guess, because it makes a lot of references to sci-fi and physics, but "normal" people should like it too.

That last bit is interesting. Usually you would expect geeks to be computer geeks. As i mentioned, These guys are physics doctors (and one engineer). I assume it makes it more interesting this way.

16 episodes have already been aired. Watch it on CBS, or, if you don't have CBS, find it on a file sharing network near you.

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