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now we can tell: last weekend, 7-9 april, the second annual Kinner-net symposium was held at Ohalo (mozilla unfriendly site).  attendants were asked not to talk about before it starts, as to not to attract the media, but now it's ok.

except for smashing computer monitors by throwing hard disks on them (which wast heavy enough, so we switched to rocks), flying rockets in the air, flying soft drink bottles in the air using compressed air, a gadjethone in which some people brought some mid-'80 stuff that still work (including one sinclair box), sending letters to God using a helium balloon after printing them on a point-of-sale machine, and other, less crazy but just as fun events, we also talked about some serious stuff.

the talks in which i attended, included a talk about the next generation of the web: things like what we will see in web applications, web services, meta-data, etc. a talk about email 2.0: what should email include that it doesn't have now, how to fight spam. open source: how to turn a passive user to an active one. i'll post about them in the comming days.

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