Obama is no Kennedy

1962. President John F. Kennedy finds out that the Soviet Union is deploying missiles in Cuba, it's communist ally, just off-shore of Florida. In a television address, he announces that the missiles must be removed, because they pose a threat to the national security of the United States, and he will not hesitate to use military force to neutralize them if necessary. After a 13 days standoff, Khrushchev stands down and removes the missiles from Cuba, while the US removed similar missiles it had previously deployed in Turkey.

Fast forward to 2014. Following a popular revolution which removed a Russian puppet president from Ukraine, Russian president Putin takes advantage of the chaos and invades Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, which was part of Russia until 1954, and within two weeks starts a formal, forced transfer of sovereignty over Crimea to Russia. American president Barak Obama condemns the act, declares sanctions on some Russian officials, but in practice, does nothing to remove the Russian forces from Crimea. no naval blockade, no symbolic military operation, no nothing.

When will Obama act? When Russia invades east Ukraine? When Russia invades a NATO member, like Poland or one of the Baltic countries? Or does he only know to talk allot?

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