software i'd like to write

there are several open source programs i'm using, or came across, that i'd like to improve one day, when i have the time for it.

  • eMule. a popular file sharing program. need to add a menu bar, remove the IRC client, consider removing the messenger, remove the statistics, remove the Kad section and integrate the little usefull information there is there into the Servers section, and move the Disconnect button to a corner where no one will click it by accident.
  • WIDE. an IDE for While, a didactive language used to teach computability. rewrite in standard Swing, add more customization options, mark syntax errors on the fly, support GOTO, F.
  • libGThing. a library that allows more access to LG GSM cell phones. try out Qt to write an open source front end to this library.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird. a good email client from Mozilla. improve the on-server messages managing, so you can really delete from server before you download.
  • LG LCD TV controller. we have an LG LCD TV that can be contolled from a PC and a serial cable. the communication protocol is documented in the manual, but the software hasn't been written, or at least no distributed with the TV.
  • Update: Jimm is a java based multi-network instant messenger for mobile phones. for some reason, it doesn't work on my phone. so i thought to try and see why, and fix it.
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