StarTrek Voyager

in the last few months i've been watching star trek: voyager. i've never seen it before, simply because no tv channel in israel, local or foreign, aired it until now (well, except for the german SAT1, but they dubbed it to german). after watching the first season and a few episodes of the second one, i have to say, this is probably the worst star trek series ever. i just can't figure out how this lasted for seven seasons, while star trek: enterprise lasted only four, with much better story line. hell, the fact that it had a story line differs it from voyager. so far, a season and a half, nothing happened on the ship. nobody died, nobody joined, nobody fell in love, nobody had a fight. the initial conditions of every episode are not changing until the end, and no story lasts more than one episode, two at most. the only interesting things i saw so far were some revealings about the history of the star trek universe and the characters themselves, but there is just no character development what so ever. in fact, i skipped one episode because it took too long to, hmmm…. get it, and didn't miss a thing. i watched it later, and couldn't notice the difference.

oh well, i guess i'll watch it to the end anyway. i just can't call myself a trekky if i won't.

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