Converting Yahoo! 360 to WordPress (updated 2)

This blog was moved from a Yahoo! 360 blog I had at Here are a few hints and caveats on how to go about doing it:

  1. Go to and ask Yahoo! to send you a link to get the backup file.
  2. Once you have the zip file, go to where ever you installed your copy of WordPress, go to the Administration panel and then to the Tools area. Of course, if you are hosted at, all of this should not apply. They have it all automated for you, as explained on that page.
  3. On the Tools menu, select Import and then select MovableType and TypePad, and follow the instructions to import your posts.
  4. As you can see in the zip file, images are in the images folder. upload this folder with the images in it to the site, to the root of the WordPress folder (where you installed WordPress). The images in the posts are already linked to this location.

Theoretically, you are done. However, things didn't go quite smoothly to me. I had to fix some issues:

  • Tags are not imported. The only remedy I found was to go manually over all the posts and re-tag them. Quite labourious.
  • Unless you are using the "ugly" (paremeterised) URLs for your blog, images will not show up anywhere but in the front page. This is because on other pages posts are under virtual folders in the URL, and the paths to them are relative to the post. The remedy is to go over all the posts and set an absolute URL to all the images. If you can't see the image in the post, go to the HTML view, you'll find the <img> tag there. Just change the "src" attribute to the full URL leading to the images folder.
    It is possible that this can be automated with some query on the database, but I didn't try. I only have about 10 images throuout my blog.
  • About 1 in 20 posts, maybe even fewer than that, was cut in the middle and wasn't fully imported. I don't know exactly why this happened, but I found that they were usually cut off at places where there was a double space in the post. This could be a WordPress issue. So for these, you will have to copy the original post from Yahoo! 360 and paste it in the partially imported post.
  • Sometimes, due to importing errors, the WordPress HTML is broken, and the theme doesn't show up right in an archive page. This is fixed after you edit all posts on that page and make sure their HTML is correct.
    Update: this seems to be related to the previous issue, i.e. on archive pages that contain posts that were cut off, the skin will be broken. Once you fix the post, the skin will look right.
  • Update 2: It appears like in posts from around mid-2005 and earlier, lines are ended with a line break, even if you haven't pressed the Enter key when you typed them. As a result, lines in these posts sometimes end in the middle of the row and continue in the next row, because the row width of Yahoo! 360 and your WordPress theme differ. To correct this, you will have to delete the line break from the end of each line, and let the browser wrap the text at the end of the line. Again, it is possible that this can be done with a proper query on the data base.

The conclusion from all this is, that while you can import your Yahoo! 360 posts to WordPress, you will still have to edit each and every post you imported to restore it to its original form.

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