yet another operation in iraq

the US military in iraq (forgive me for not distiguishing between all their forces) launched yet another attack against al-qaeda strongholds in iraq. what i'm asking myself is, how come al-qaeda is in a position to take control over entire regions? the answer is, insufficient manpower. if you want to have a military control over a country, you need a company in every vilage. a batalion in every town larger than 100,000 people. you need to sustain constant presence in every population center, through patrols and stationary posts. you need to do searches in houses based on intelligence. you need to recruite informers from the local population. this will drive terrorists into their holes, and allow them to do no more than sporadic attacks.

but i'm afraid that in order to do all that, you probably need twice as much soldiers than the US has now in iraq, and Bush currently doesn't have the political power to increase the amount of soldiers by that much. so they will continue to bleed, continue to chase terrorists in places that they already cleaned before, and hopefuly, the new iraqi army will be established before al qaeda wins.

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